Your Tailored Solution

Aug 9, 2016 by Matt Dixon


Off-the-shelf software works fine for some companies, but most businesses eventually realize that personalized software which meets their own unique needs is the better solution. Customized software fits within your software ecosystem and interacts seamlessly with existing software. If your internal IT team lacks the time or necessary skills to get it done, you may want to hire an outside development company to tailor apps that help your operations run more smoothly. Outsourcing software development promotes flexibility, innovation, and collaboration – and it helps you stay competitive in a crowded market.

If you’re trying to decide if outsourcing is the right approach for you, here are four indications it might be time to integrate with an outside firm for your software development.

1. You're on Deadline.

If you have a short window to get to market, it can be difficult to quickly turn around new software. As software development cycles get shorter, the need for speed increases, with delayed product features translating into lost revenues and less-than-stellar user experiences. To ensure you don’t lose your competitive edge, it makes sense to bring in someone who can guarantee your customers get the features and functionality they need when they want it.

2. You Need Specialized Skillsets

Some software projects, such as app development, require a particular set of skills that take years to learn. Instead of using valuable time to train a team member, you can bring in an outside team to help fill the gaps in your internal team and diversify your skill set at the same time. Experienced, skilled software development companies have the expertise you need and help you avoid common software design and development missteps.

3. Your In-House IT Team Lacks the Necessary Skills.

It’s often difficult for internal IT teams that are focused on the tasks at hand to keep up with all the  technological changes and latest trends in software products. You might have thought about having a full-time team of in-house developers, but this is rarely cost effective. Outsourcing allows you to steer your software development plans in a better direction by tapping into the latest resources at a reasonable cost.

4. You Foresee Your Needs Changing.

If your software needs continually change as you adapt to user demand, hiring a new employee with the requisite skills can be time-consuming and costly. And what happens when their particular skillsets are no longer required – do you start over with a new hire? When you partner with an outside development firm like ours, you have the option of scaling your resources over time. That means you only use your external team for as long as they’re needed.

Development and Support All in One

When you take advantage of all an outside development firm offers, your business benefits through unique and strategic software solutions. At Front Range Systems, our software consulting approach includes helping your organization deliver on-time software projects, as well as providing developer training and mentoring. Our core values are centered on service, excellence, and integrity, and our goal is to help your business achieve its goals on schedule and on budget – every time.